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At Prometal Roofing we are committed to using only the highest quality products on any roof we work on. In partnership with globally recognized manufacturers, we are able to provide the finest roofs and superior results on every project. With the most durable materials available and our expert service, we provide the peace of mind that your metal roof is built to last a lifetime.

Ideal for all pitched roof applications, our metal tile solutions offer a good looking, hard wearing roof application. By blending cutting-edge technology with traditional, attractive appearance, they are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Perfect for the replacement of an old roof of any kind, the durable and eye-catching product creates a unique look that enhances any building.

Each panel is made from 25- or 26-gauge metal sheet, which is covered by 275 g/m2 of zinc along with 35 ┬Ám of polyester paint for maximum protection. With this approach, the panels will show no signs of rust or other deterioration over time, while retaining the light weight that makes them so practical.

With savings of up to 90% in weight compared to a clay tile roof of the same size, and significant savings over traditional asphalt shingles, the entire roof can be built lighter without the need for heavy support structures.

Panels are available in a broad range of colors and roof profiles, allowing us to match existing roof styles or building architecture to create a seamless repair, restoration or blend new builds with existing structures. Resistant to rain, wind, snow, fire, mold and animal attacks, they are suitable for any climate or environment, offering durability in any conditions.

Classic Monterey:


We are able to offer all the advantages of metal tile panels with the classic looks of traditional ceramic clay tiles. Offering reduced energy costs, longer lasting protection against all elements, these panels also retain their good looks long after traditional tiles are showing their age. Perfect for any building or home, from classic to modern, they offer superior protection against the sun, wind, rain and snow, without compromising looks or style.



If you need a roofing solution with a lower slope, these metal panels feature a rib design and outstanding performance. They are perfect for any structure, from a modern home to a garage.




Reduce energy costs with these great looking, hard wearing metal panels. The subtle design works with every style of home from historic to modern, without sacrificing the superior protection, performance and durability of the roof system.

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