The quality of any roof is dependent on the quality of the installation, which is why we have put in place several quality control processes to ensure every roof is installed in the correct manner. At Prometal Roofing, our installers undergo a stringent training program designed by our roofing specialists to ensure that they provide safe, professional execution of any roof installation.

We use the proven European method of roof installation, maximizing your safety and optimizing roofing performance. After all, it is your home, safety and security must be the focus of our work. A roof protects you and your family from the elements, rain, wind and snow, our installation ensures that the durable roofing materials work perfectly to keep those elements outside while you stay safe inside your home. For an innovative, hard wearing, high-performance roof that you can depend on, Prometal Roofing in Toronto deliver on every project, every time.

Skylight Installation

Nothing beats natural light, it has its own beauty, and is good for us too. If you need more inside your home, installing skylights may be the answer. Instead of relying on artificial lights, with a professional skylight installation, your home can be flooded with natural light that brings wonderful brightness and warmth to your home. In addition, installing skylights can add value to your home, making it more desirable.

Skylights bring nature into your home, creating a healthier environment as sunlight floods your room, and without the need for constant artificial lighting, can even reduce your energy bills as well. Beautiful, effective and healthier, skylights are an addition to your home you will wonder how you lived without.

Install Sun Tube

In every home there are areas and rooms that could use some natural light. From corridors to the utility room, bathrooms and hallways, those darker areas always feel a little uncomfortable as a result. But it doesn’t have to be that way, our sun tunnels allow you to bring the magic of natural sunlight to any room or space in your home, transforming dark, unwelcoming areas into glorious, beautiful places to enjoy.

The custom designed tunnel blends into your ceiling, and it will never be noticed by visitors unless you show them, passing light from outside into those darker places. The tunnel interior is highly reflective, and offers an easy to install, wonderfully simple solution to bring natural light to every corner of your home.

Clean Gutters

If gutters are left to fill up with leaves and other debris, not only does it look untidy, it can trap water which over time causes leaks in the roof and eventually water damage to your home. If you can see debris in the gutter, then rainwater may be struggling to flow off your property as a result.

To avoid issues like this, gutters should be cleaned regularly, we recommend every three months, however if you do see a significant amount of debris appear, removing it immediately can help prevent problems.

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